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I have been a Mobile Disc Jockey for 12 years, and a mother to a beautiful little girl who is on her way to becoming a wonderful DJ herself �DJ Diva Reva�.  Before DJing I spent most of my time on the stage in theatre, not only acting but dancing and singing as well.  I love the rush I get walking out on the stage, seeing the lights, and hearing the applause of the audience.   From the moment I stepped foot on the stage for the first time I knew this what I was born to do, I love to entertain!  For most of my life I helped my parents run Wonderland Costumes.  This helped me see other ways to entertain, putting on a costume and dancing around made people laugh, so I have integrated that into my act. I started bringing props, teach the line dances, and became very interactive.  This caught on quickly, and is one of the reasons I am where I am today.   My music knowledge goes much further than just the current hits of today.  I am in tuned with everything from the Big Band Era right on up to the Top 40.  I also love to play LATIN MUSIC,  "I may not speak Portuguese or Spanish, but I AM positive that I know the music as well as any DJ who does"!  I look forward to meeting my clients and forming a new friendship with each and every one of them.

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